Line 3 Replacement Project (U.S.)

Line 3, which entered service in 1968, is an existing 1,097-mile crude oil pipeline extending from Edmonton, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, that plays an integral role in Enbridge's Mainline System.

The Line 3 Replacement Program, the largest project in Enbridge history, represents an improvement of our pipeline infrastructure—helping to ensure that Minnesota and the surrounding region are connected to secure, reliable and growing supplies of North American crude oil.

The $4-billion U.S. portion of the Line 3 Replacement Program, known as the Line 3 Replacement Project, consists of replacing existing 34-inch pipe with new 36-inch pipe for 13 miles in North Dakota, 337 miles in Minnesota, and 14 miles in Wisconsin.

The replacement of Line 3 is a safety- and maintenance-driven project. The replacement pipeline will restore the historical operating capabilities of Line 3, and is generally expected to serve the same markets, and transport the same product mix, as the current Line 3. Upon replacement, the average annual capacity of Line 3 will be 760 kbpd.

See the full Line 3 Replacement Project (U.S.) web section for more information on this $2.6-billion private investment in Minnesota.

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Project overview:

  • Type: Crude oil pipeline
  • StatusProposed
  • Length: 1,031 miles (1,660 km)
  • Expected initial capacity: 760,000 barrels per day
  • Estimated to transport: Light, medium and heavy crude
  • Estimated capital cost: US$2.9 billion in United States, C$5.3 billion in Canada